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Hooperman (1987-1989)

Starring John Ritter on ABC 


In memory of John Ritter. We all love you John. Sept. 11 will now have a new sad meaning.

Episode #2 of Hooperman aired on TV Land on Sept. 14, part of the John Ritter tribute marathon.

Watch the opening theme in video: by clicking here!

Listen to the opening theme: by clicking here!

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This is just a mini page, it will not become a BIG page, just general info, since I have not seen much about this show!

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Well, here is the cast of Hooperman:


BASIC INFO:  Hooperman lasted 2 full seasons and had only 42 episodes!  Hopefully a network like TV Land or USA Network will pick up the show VERY soon!

Check out these photos from the promo from the Series Premiere:

A nice episode guide is here: and a episode list:


Well, finally enjoy this site by looking at rare pictures from this show:

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